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Rasheed Ibn Rasheed Book Download

Rasheed Ibn Rasheed Book Download

Rasheed Ibn Rasheed is a historical novel by the Pakistani writer Muhammad Aslam Rahi. It tells the story of the life and achievements of Rasheed Ibn Rashid, a Muslim general who fought against the Umayyad dynasty in the 8th century CE. The novel covers his early life, his military campaigns, his political struggles, and his martyrdom at the hands of the Umayyad ruler Yazid I.

The novel is divided into two parts, each containing 12 chapters. The first part focuses on the rise of Rasheed Ibn Rashid as a leader of the Khawarij, a sect that rebelled against the Umayyad caliphate for its deviation from the true teachings of Islam. The second part depicts his battles against Yazid I and his allies, as well as his efforts to establish a just and righteous government in Iraq and Arabia.


The novel is based on historical sources and accounts, as well as the author's own imagination and interpretation. It portrays Rasheed Ibn Rashid as a hero who fought for the cause of Islam and justice, and who sacrificed his life for his principles. The novel also highlights the political and religious conflicts that shaped the history of the Muslim world in the early centuries of Islam.

The novel is available for free download from the Internet Archive , a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, and more. The novel is in Urdu language and is in PDF format. The first part has 384 pages and the second part has 392 pages. The novel can be read online or downloaded to your device for offline reading.

If you are interested in learning more about Rasheed Ibn Rashid and his era, you can also check out some other books and articles on the topic. You can also search for more information on Bing, the web search engine that helps you find what you need.


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