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and there were times when venter would release the resulting draft genome onto the public and say he wasnt even sure what exactly was in it. of the 129 who agreed to release samples, many turned out to be fake, which didnt upset venter. he says he didnt want to use most of his samples anyway because they represented little more than copy-cat mutations. the implications are that they didnt participate because they didnt want to be associated with the project, or because they didnt fully grasp what the project would entail. either way, at least 128 people essentially hijacked it, he says. but this wasnt his first encounter with the misuse of research funding. in 1992, a group of scientists called scientists and engineers for america wrote an open letter to then-government official rosamond naylor, the assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering, alleging that the dod was using a provocative experiment to perpetuate the idea that human genetics would lead to new ways to find individuals suitable for military use. the letter went on to charge that the experiment was being used to justify the development of new biotechnologies that would lead to genetic engineering. the problems begin when researchers focus more on the commercial value than on the scientific integrity of their work. as a result of special access to certain parts of the human genome, the research industry has a keen interest in the application of genetic science. developments in genetic technology and its potential for the improvement of agriculture and health care have spawned a fast-growing market. over the years, the general public has become increasingly concerned about the research and development aspects of genetic science. as more people learn about the topic, they come to realize that this area of science is also very different from other areas of science. it is a poorly defined and poorly understood technology that has the potential to alter the lives of many of todays citizens. however, the use of funds to create a barrier of safeguards surrounding genetic research is a serious issue.

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