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Buy New Mattress Collect Old One

If you still have questions about your obligations in the state of California under the Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act, we are here to help. Contact our customer service department any time by email or phone (855-229-1691). Thank you for your support of mattress recycling in California.

buy new mattress collect old one

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(a) Except as provided in subdivision (d), on and after July 1, 2014, a retailer shall offer a consumer the option to have a used mattress picked up for recovery at the time of delivery, at no additional cost to the consumer, if a new mattress is delivered to the consumer.

(d) A retailer or third-party contractor delivering a new mattress may refuse to pick up a used mattress from a consumer if the retailer or contractor determines the used mattress is contaminated and poses a risk to personnel, new products, or equipment.

(e) A common carrier delivering a new mattress to a consumer as a result of an online purchase is not required to pick up a used mattress for recovery. (Invalidated by changes written into AB 187.)

(f) On and after January 1, 2021, if a new mattress is delivered to a consumer by common carrier, including, but not limited to, as a result of an online purchase, the retailer of that mattress shall offer to arrange to pick up a used mattress for recycling from that consumer within 30 days of the delivery of the new mattress, subject to subdivision (d).

If you had to rate the furniture in your home in terms of ease of replacement, the large, heavy items like couches, drawers, and mattresses would fall towards the end of the convenience spectrum. That is probably why when you place that 400th piece into an IKEA bookshelf, it has the ring of finality.

But while you can live happily with the same bookshelf for all of eternity, the same cannot be said for a mattress. If you expect it to do its job, conventional wisdom dictates you replace it every seven to ten years.

You can also add on a removal service to the In-Home Delivery at no additional cost, so the same couriers will remove and recycle your old mattress and foundation/box spring within the same time window. The only caveat to be aware of is that you must be replacing what you are asking them to remove with a Casper purchase. As in, an order of one mattress will have one mattress eligible for removal. An order with one Casper foundation will have a removal of one old foundation/box spring eligible.

Casper prices are competitive and come in tiers by size and mattress type: The Wave (starting at $1,345), The Casper (starting at $595), and The Essential (starting at $395). For a comparison of the three, look here.

And, since it would be especially heinous to go through all this pain and trouble for a comfortable mattress only to have it deteriorate before seven to ten years, you can also add on a 10-year mattress protection plan for $50. Casper itself has a 10-year limited warranty.

If you need a new mattress but dread the idea of getting rid of your old one, you might want to look into Casper if the 40,000 reviews aren't enough incentive already. The quality is great, but you might be even more thankful for the convenience.

The Mattress Recycling Council or the program does not pick up mattresses from your home. We can recycle the mattresses retailers collect from their customers. Only in California are retailers required by the law to offer to take back old mattresses when delivering new ones.

Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a nonprofit organization created by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) to develop and implement statewide mattress recycling programs for states that have enacted mattress recycling laws. We currently provide resources, education and support for programs in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In those states with Mattress Stewardship Programs (CA, CT & RI), this locator identifies all of the mattress recyclers, collection sites and collection events that have registered with the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) to accept mattresses for recycling. Regardless of where you live, use this tool to find the nearest, most convenient site to you. However, understand that MRC disclaims any and all liability with respect to any act or omission by any and all of the facilities listed on the locator, regardless of whether or not they are registered with our program.

If your mattress is clean and in good condition, you can donate it to charity. Here are some organisations which will collect your mattress. Choosing to donate a mattress is a great way of recycling your unwanted mattress and preventing it from going to landfill.

Many charity shops will accept mattress donations in their stores. However, given the size and how cumbersome mattresses are, getting them to the charity shop can be tricky and the charity shop may not have space to store your item.

The National Bed Federation estimates that only 19% of mattresses are recycled each year in the UK. That equates to seven million mattresses being disposed of, which weighs the same as 6,000 humpback whales!

But mattresses which are sent to landfill have a serious impact on the planet. They can release toxic chemicals into the air, water and the ground. Landfill sites also affect animals by destroying their natural habitat, plus they look and smell awful.

Firstly, they separate out each mattress component - such as the steel from the mattress springs, or the comfort fillings such as wool and cotton. They then re-distribute them across many different industries. The mattress components can be made into insulation for homes, materials used in cars, and so much more!

Our mattress collection and recycling service forms part of our ever-growing commitment to help protect our environment. We'd like to thank every single one of our customers who have chosen to recycle with us so far.

The best and most accurate way to tell if your mattress needs to be replaced is how it feels, and what sort of rest you get when you sleep on it. Are you still getting the support and comfort from the mattress that you got from it in the past?

In addition, certain life changes may necessitate a change in mattress. For instance, if you move in with a partner, or add a medium-to-large pet (like a dog) to your nightly sleep routine, an older mattress may be more affected by the new distribution of weight, and may not be able to provide the same level of support.

Also, because of the influx of higher quality, more affordable beds, and because of regulatory and sanitation issues, standards have increased at charities and shelters when it comes to the suitability of mattresses for donation. Bringing in a sub-par mattress, beyond being rude, will generally be a waste of time for you and for the hardworking staff and volunteers at these organizations.

Make sure the mattress is structurally sound, clean, and free of any infestations or odors. The mattress is not going to help anyone if it cannot be used. Think about whether or not you would want to receive your mattress as a donation. If not, then consider other options.

You may want to skip the larger organizations, and go straight to the local level. In general, larger organizations tend to have stricter policies against accepting mattresses, for both regulatory and storage-space reasons. There are many ways to find local collectives, non-profits, and smaller organizations that will take your mattress and use it to help locally in your community.

You also might want to consider placing flyers at local schools, coffee shops, community centers, or, if applicable, universities. Again, make sure to specify the size, state, and dimensions of the mattress.

Around 80 to 90 percent of most mattresses can be broken down and recycled. However, recycling laws, regulations, and standards vary significantly by state, county, and even individual city and town ordinances.

However, it is often not as simple as just putting the mattress out on the curb. Many states, cities, and towns have specific ordinances and rules about throwing away mattresses, some of which prohibit putting a whole mattress in the trash. In those places, a curbed mattress may not be picked up on garbage day, and may result in a ticket or a fine.

The rules regarding garbage disposal vary, and you can find the rules for your state and city with a quick Google search. If you live in an area where you can, in fact, throw out a mattress with your regular trash, make sure to carefully read any additional rules to avoid fines and/or pickup refusal. In most places, you will be required to wrap your mattress in plastic, and in some places, you will be required to wrap the mattress in a specially made plastic mattress bag. To be safe, cover your mattress in plastic (or a plastic mattress bag) and seal it shut with packing tape.

If you are struggling to find a place to recycle your mattress, ask local universities for suggestions, since they frequently partner with recycling services that can handle large items like mattresses. The Bye Bye Mattress database can point you in the right direction.

As a locally owned and operated business throughout Portland and its new location in Scappoose, Mattress World Northwest takes great pride in being seen as an organization that supports its customers. In order to bring everyone the most efficient and affordable shopping experience, our business model is designed around the best pricing, and the finest product and shipping options that make getting a new mattress as easy as it gets.

Through our collection companies, transfer stations, recycling centers and landfills, we focus on providing effective and reliable environmental services and solutions to make proper recycling and waste disposal effortless for our 14 million customers. 041b061a72


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