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The movie's visual effects and production design effectively capture the specific feel of a Grand Theft Auto-like video game (albeit PG-13 rated), which is something most movies have so far failed to achieve. But bits and pieces do feel borrowed from many, many other movies. And Levy's careful, streamlined flow prevents Free Guy from ever becoming hugely outrageous, zany, or gut-bustingly funny. Perhaps all that wasn't necessary, however, to maintain the movie's sweetness. And -- similar to Ted Lasso's -- the movie's overall messages of kindness, nonviolence, and free choice are always refreshing.

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Comments like these, along with some of the movies I've seen at the just-concluded Cannes festival, give me the hopeful impression that a growing number of people are recognizing how essential it is for motion pictures to shed their most dubious habits if they are to keep the respect and interest of mature audiences who want more than cheap thrills from the entertainment they consume.

In addition to their other virtues, all these movies are refreshingly free of sensationalism and other low-grade ingredients. Here's hoping audiences support them as they make their way into theaters on the international circuit.


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