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The Best Rhoma Irama VERIFIED

Rhoma Irama is one of the most acclaimed Indonesian musicians of all time, innovating and exemplifying the best of the Indonesian dangdut style of popular music. After a difficult and intriguing childhood, he became a superstar in Indonesia in the 1970s, dubbing himself Raja Dangdut, which translates to the "King of Dangdut." Rhoma Irama's contribution to the world of Indonesian pop music is immense, and his popularity helped to provide some crossover success in the United States as well. His popularization of dangdut allowed the lower-class of Indonesia and Jakarta to express themselves in a culturally relevant and powerful way, adding to his importance as a guiding figure in the history of world music.

The Best Rhoma Irama

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A year ago, Inul Daratista was playing weddings for a dollar a song. Now she plays packed houses across the country, and the president's husband hangs out backstage at her concerts. According to Gossip magazines, Ms. Daratista - better known for her writhing dance, "The Drill," than for her renditions of Indonesia's pop music dangdut - is the country's best paid entertainer.

At the pro-Inul rally, about 350 fans, old and young, followed a truck through the middle of Jakarta as it blared Inul's hit "Dance, Dance" while attempting to mimic her patented move. The best dancer was a popular transvestite entertainer who went on to lead the crowd in chants of "Inul for President." 041b061a72


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