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James Brown
James Brown

The 4chan Serial Killer

He's been reportedly active since November 1st, 2015. He makes many posts on the hacker website known as If you see this man at you college, run and contact the authorities. It may seem like a futile attempt, giving he actually a reptilian creature capable of blending with the environment.

The 4chan Serial Killer


Funny enough, he's still a virgin. He confirmed it one the bee thread on 4chan. He admitted to being too much of a coward to go through with "violating" a woman. It is rumored he, along with IGPHhangout and Fake Ren, will commit mass genocide in Frightside. We aren't sure when but we're pretty spooked.

Gallagher has been the target of attacks from 4chan users and Anonymous hackers upset over how they are portrayed in the low-budget film Smiley. The death threats were so serious the FBI is reportedly considering opening an investigation, ComputerWorld reported.

Crimes, scenes of murders, photos of corpses, a guilty killer confessed ascertained and brought to justice, a possible but never ascertained serial murderer. It is in the undergrowth of /b/ that the news stories that we are going to tell develop.

Users are divided: those who say they want to call the FBI, those who continue to consider the anonymous a troll, those who go along with it. After the publication of the photo of the woman forced into the cardboard box, the alleged serial killer disappears. Therefore, a virtual manhunt begins. Users advance the most disparate hypotheses. It is assumed that this unknown has come into possession of photos of crime scenes taken from the police. A son of an investigator, thinks someone. But these hypotheses seem unlikely: the photos are devoid of signs, the brightness and resolution of the same is not optimal, to testify to the amateur and intimate workmanship of the photographs in question.

Benvenuto in Emadion, il portale italiano del macabro. Emadion è il sito horror in italiano per eccellenza, dove troverai tutto ciò che hai sempre desiderato sapere su serial killer, torture, misteri, paranormale e altri argomenti macabri. Visita il sito per cominciare il tuo viaggio nel mondo del macabro.

September 18 2015 ketchnreleaseketchnrelease is suspected of being Joe DeAngelo. KNR posted on the EAR forum four days before the /b/ killer posted his last message on 4chan

September 22 2015 /b/ Killer 4chanThe /b/ killer posted a selfie in the same ski mask Scorpio wore in Dirty Harry. Scorpio was based on the Zodiac


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