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Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez

Constructor Plus

Constructor Plus is that plus newness. It brings new buildings including skyscrapers and casinos, new undesirables, maps set in new locations including the Moon and Mars, new monuments, new items, and so on. Along with ye olde sandboxe mode, it also packs sixty-odd scenarios starting us with existent towns and distinct goals, so we don't always have to start from scratch.

Constructor Plus

I added a non-default constructor to my AlertDialogFragment class so that I can pass in the strings that will be used for the dialog. This constructor then sets the member variables, which are used in the builder.set[property] methods.

Thanks for the direction. Looks like the most sensible answer on there is the on that starts with "Your Fragment shouldn't have constructors because of how the FragmentManager instantiates it. You should have a newInstance() static method defined and pass any parameters via arguments (bundle)", even if it isn't top voted. 041b061a72


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