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Robert Gomez

Shot Designer Review: How It Helps You Block Complex Scenes with Ease

also, batch processing wipes out prores from oldest to newest. i used this before the release of v2.0 and for people that want to completely clean out their system before starting over. this is the setting for batch processing. bug fix: immediate loading of shots no longer corrupts syncronization.

Shot Designer Torrent

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this is a way to assign specific sequences to specific layers or scenes. this allows you to create complex sequences with multiple layers or scenes using things like keyframes. this has the benefit of being able to move a sequence around and have all of the transitions connect to each other. its also useful for things like duplicating a clip to its own layer, or for making the transition shot longer to save time.

this is a feature request that almost everyone was requesting. here is a screenshot of it before. here is a screenshot of it after. you can now do things like layering sequences on top of one another (pretty major upgrade for shot designer). this feature was added to allow you to make the transition between sequences really sharp and make it easier to spot if anything is out of place. examples include doing a transition from a car to a building, or from a car to a plane. now you can have just one transition and make it as sharp as you want. it also will tell you where it is, so you don't have to mess with it. this is pretty useful.

the little trick to this one is to move the sequence out of its original location. select the sequence in shot editor (using the little triangle next to it, just above file name) and then scroll down to the bottom of the editor and you'll see the top most "clip". click it and it will select a clip at the top of the editor. then simply drag the clip to another part of your project and you'll see the clip update on the sequence above, indicating where the clip is.


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