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Robert Gomez

1975 Hedgehog Pie - Hedgehog Pie [Rubber Record... [PORTABLE]

rag, tag and bob-tail - riff-raff, or disreputable people, also the name of the 1960s children's animated TV show about a hedgehog mouse, and rabbit (see this great link - thanks Vic Hill) - the derivation explains partly why the expression was used for a TV show about three cute animals: in early English, a 'rag' meant a herd of deer at rutting time; a 'tag' was a doe between one and two years old; and a 'bobtail' was a fawn just weaned (not a rabbit). The expression when originally used to mean a group of disreputable people was actually 'tag, rag and bobtail'; the order changed during the 20th century, and effectively disappeared from use after the TV show.

1975 Hedgehog Pie - Hedgehog Pie [Rubber Record...

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