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Buy Pasture Raised Chicken

At Primal Pastures, we are all about combining ultra-quality, high animal welfare, truly pasture-raised, beyond organic, soy free meats with the modern convenience of farm to doorstep home delivery. We would love the opportunity to become your farmers and bring regenerative agriculture to your kitchen.

buy pasture raised chicken

We care about our animals. That's why we raise our chicken and turkey in a low stress environment. From three weeks and after, our poultry is pasture raised and it results in you receiving ethically raised meats at your door.

Poultry species were born to scratch and peck, and that's exactly what they do at White Oak Pastures. Our pasture-raised poultry is the final step in the multi-species, holistic grazing program. Our birds freely roam our pastures, foraging for bugs and grubs in the soil. They are also offered a Non-GMO supplement, which contains grains like corn, soy, barley, and wheat. All of our poultry is processed on our farm in our zero-waste processing abattoir. All of our livestock are raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, and added growth hormones.

Our pasture-raised chicken and duck products are now corn and soy free. We are in the process of changing all of our poultry over to a corn and soy free supplement. If you are looking for corn and soy free poultry, shop the collection linked HERE.

Pastured-raised hens also produce healthier eggs, according to a 2003 study out of Pennsylvania State University. In it, researchers found that one pasture-raised egg contains twice as much omega-3 fat, three times more vitamin D, four times more vitamin E and seven times more beta-carotene than eggs from hens raised on traditional feed.

We farm in Canajoharie, NY, with a broad hilltop view overlooking the Mohawk Valley. Our farm is a family endeavor that grew from a simple desire to put better food on our own table. We pasture raise chickens and turkeys along with grazing a herd of grass fed beef cattle.

We ship grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken, turkey, and pork for next day delivery direct from our Upstate NY farm to our customers throughout New York. Everything will arrive frozen even during the hottest weather, packed neatly in a recyclable paper-based container.

A pasture-raised chicken is one that has been allowed to roam free in a pasture. It eats seeds, insects, and earthworms found in the field and spends all of its time on grass, out in fresh air and sunshine.These lucky birds live on a minimum of 2.5 acres of outdoor space per 1,000 chickens. They are given no hormones, drugs, or antibiotics. In other words, these chickens live as naturally as a chicken can and are under no unnecessary stress.

Knowing your farmer is the best way to guarantee that proper protocol is being followed in how a chicken is raised. At Rafter W Ranch, a family-owned business with a history of treating livestock right, you get the best of both worlds, pasture-raised AND organically fed. Chickens that live well, taste better. Visit us if you desire to feed your family right.

The chickens are raised outside on pasture 24/7/365 where they can forage for grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms. They're supplemental feed is a locally milled conventional grain feed. The birds move to fresh pasture every single day, and they've never used a single vaccine, antibiotic, or drug since they started more than 6 years ago.

Not only is all of our chicken pasture-raised on our farm but we also hand butcher all of our chicken on-farm in our custom built poultry processing facility. This allows us to continue our commitment to high quality humanely raised meat through all parts of the process.

Our Rebel chickens live 100% outside on pasture and are supplemented with a non-GMO feed mix. They eat grass and bugs, feel the sunshine, and breath fresh air. We are confident that it will be the best chicken you have ever had.

Here at Sanctum Tree Family Farm we only provide our customers with true pasture raised chickens in Texas. Our chickens are raised 100% on pasture and moved to fresh grass daily. They are healthy, happy chickens that breathe fresh air, get sunshine, and can eat bugs and grass all day! They are fed a non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free, high quality feed from a local mill.

These birds are the best quality pasture raised chickens that you can find around the Bowie and Dallas/Fort Worth area. We provide multiple pick-up options locally to provide you with the freshest chicken possible. See our current pasture raised chicken products available now for delivery or pick-up:

We never use antibiotics or added growth hormones and only use natural, non-GMO supplemental grains. We never compromise on that, and we are very proud of our sustainable partnerships with USA poultry farmers. As soon as you take your first bite, you will understand exactly why we go through all of the trouble it takes to raise poultry and duck as naturally as possible. Enjoy the incredible flavor of our pastured chicken, turkey, and duck, and don't forget to try our soy-free options as well. Happy cooking!

"Our goal is to deliver the highest quality grass fed beef & pasture raised chicken and pork directly to your doorstep shipped straight from our local Texas farm, and explaining the 1915 way of doing things along the way. Thanks for being here." - Catherine & Tanner

Why Choose Pasture Raised Chickens? Aside from being healthier due to access to a more nutritious diet and plenty of fresh air, our pasture raised poultry is free from the pesticides, antibiotics, and other drugs that are routinely given to factory-farmed chickens as the result of the environment they are raised in.

When you're cruising the chicken aisle at your local market or grocery store, you're limited in selection, but a flock of online retailers makes finding the type of chicken you want easier than ever. With a little investigation, you can find the best place to buy chicken online that meets all your requirements. You can get the exact chicken cuts and type of chicken you're searching for, all with just a few clicks, and many of these retailers provide much more information about the chicken and poultry than a simple grocery store label.

Smaller producers like Primal Pastures and Cooks Venture sell high-quality, certified humane chicken raised on non-GMO feed and grown with regenerative farming practices direct to you at competitive prices.

You can also get great deals on chicken when you purchase online, including on whole chickens, and especially when chicken is purchased in bulk or semibulk. You can scour the web or jump on the mailing list for these chicken purveyors (or check back with us, of course) to find out about limited online chicken sales and special package deals. Online butchers such as Rastelli's, ButcherBox, Crowd Cow and grocery delivery services including Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect carries organic and free-range chicken too. You can easily bundle it all up in one order of butcher-box-quality meat and save on shipping costs and trips to the store.

If you're concerned about freshness, most of these online chicken purveyors ship their birds chilled or frozen via highly traceable logistics and usually in just a couple of days or less. Many have begun using eco-friendly shipping solutions, too, like recycled denim and compostable or reusable boxes. (Some do still ship in Styrofoam.) At present, we have not uncovered any instances of compromised freshness or widespread foodborne illness linked to buying chicken and poultry online. It stands to reason that it is at least as safe or safer than buying from a brick-and-mortar store. As with anything, the higher quality the operation -- both online or in person -- the less chance there is of a "situation."

This is one of the biggest advantages of ordering chicken from an online poultry retailer. As mentioned, in a grocery store you have limited options and often the best stuff sells out first. Online chicken retailers like Thrive Market, Crowd Cow and Fresh Direct allow you to select exactly what you want, and their inventory is less vulnerable to outside supply chain disruption. This includes specific cuts of chicken like breasts, thighs, wings and whole chickens, but also chicken that is bred and raised according to a standard of your choosing. You can buy organic chicken, certified humane chicken and pasture-raised chicken and have them sent to your door in just days and on a regular basis. In addition to chicken, you can find high-quality turkey and quality fresh meat at many of these online retailers, as well as more specialized poultry like duck, pheasant, quail and game hen, if you know where to look.

Despite the name, this newer online meat purveyor carries a lot more than beef. Crowd Cow has one of the best selections of free-range and organic chicken you can order online. Purchase organic and pasture-raised whole chickens, boneless chicken breast and more.

Founder and CEO Matt Wadiak's given goal is to improve the overall farming and feeding system that supports the massive poultry industry and bring it to scale (it's currently distributing upward of 700,000 chickens per week) so more people can eat better chicken raised on environmentally friendly feed.

FreshDirect grocery delivery but it's only available in the Northeast for now. Those in the service area can enjoy a wide range of poultry options including Certified Organic Smart chickens which are fed an organic grain diet, and are certified humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care.

Specialty food store D'Artagnan has a great selection of certified-humane, air-chilled, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised chicken, making it one of the best places to buy chicken online. D'Artagnan carries whole chickens, chicken pieces and specialty items including truffle chicken sausage. 041b061a72


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