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Marantz Sr7010 Best Buy

If you have this sort of budget to splash on an AV receiver, then the SR7010 is a sound investment. Its stylish looks, generous features and powerful, polished sound quality make it one of the best high-end amps around.

marantz sr7010 best buy

I bought this player as an 'all-in-wonder' unit to plovide me with decent CD playback as well as DVD.As with most Marantz mid-to-high end stuff, the CD playback is excellent - both as a transport and using the analogue output stages. Surround sound is also well positioned, precise, and dynamic.The main problem is, I feel Marantz DVD players (all the ones I've seen, anyway) lack really good picture quality. Sure - you'll get a reasonably sharp image, but also one that seems to emphasize both the film grain on the recording, and video noise from the DAC (presumably). As a result this player is very distracting in low-light scenes, but does a reasonable job in evenly-lit scenes, such as outdoors in daylight.My opinion of the DV7010 is the same as with other Marantz DVD players I've seen - this is essentially a good CD player, with a video DAC and DVD transport bolted on.I'm selling mine, and instead getting a Marantz CD17mkII KI CD player, and a Toshiba SD900E DVD, as I feel Tosh players offer the best picture quality BAR NONE, and I love the sound of Marantz CD players. Best of both worlds!!!As a DVD player the 7010 is a failure in my view, but less fussy videophiles who want CD playback may well benefit!

Discernable improved audio and video quality as compared to my panasonic and my philips dvd players. I was surprised at the difference; it was more than a subtle improvement.The person that sold me this Marantz piece said, "If it doesn't sound better and look better than what you are using, bring it back." I thought it was hype, but it is so superior I was really surprised. It has enhanced my whole system. (Marantz Digital Receiver, KEF speakers, Velodyne Subwoofer). The best money I've spent on audio equipment in a long time. I'm done buying disposable dvd players from mass merchandisers.

I'm looking for a dvd payer for 60% in misic (playing cd) and 40% in movie (playing dvd & vcd). Is it a only one (best buy) in the market at the moment this price range. Anyone can give me advice. One of the concert is the noisy. Is it really series while playing disc.

First of all, thanks to PaulG (below) for answering some of my questions and encouraging me to make this purchase. I ran across the DV-7010 at accessories4less (they sell through eBay, too) and read up on it here. I f you are considering this player, definitely take a look at their monthly special on refurb units. They're an authorized Marantz dealer, which helps ease refurb concerns.I've used the DV-7010 for a week now and have been very happy with it. My major gripes with the above tested DVD players have been inconsistencies from disc to disc (skipping, noise, pixelizing, etc.) and annoyingly long pauses on layer changes. If any of these areas were documented to the extent they deserve addressing, I'm not so sure DVD would have caught on in the first place...Anyway, aside from one of my test discs which seems to cause lengthy pauses on layer change for any player, the Marantz has reduced such pauses to almost non-existant. I've actually only noticed the pause on one other disc with it, and that one only because I already knew exactly where it was coming. It really is smooth.For a component of such obvious quality, I would have expected it to be a bit quieter. It's fairly noisy on menus, but it quiets down quite a bit once the movie starts playing. Not quite sure why, but I figure the menu is the best place to have excessive noise!I have fairly cheap S-Video cables, but I'm absolutely stunned by how good the video quality is on the Marantz. It handles panning across scenery (i.e. country side or city lights) impeccably and does quite well in low light pictures. Audio is very good, although I had a hard time detecting any difference between it and the lower priced DVD players I tried. Now that I think about it, that might be because the digital audio out has the audio being processed by my receiver regardless of the player...Discs load very fast, averaging 4-5 seconds for DVDs and about 9 seconds for CDs. I'm surprised CDs take longer to load. Most players are the other way around, but with both taking significantly longer than with the Marantz. I can certainly live with those times.Probably my biggest surprise came when sliding the Marantz into the stereo shelf, which accomodates 17" wide components. The very stylish and heavy duty faceplate on the Marantz over-hangs the body just a bit and makes it about a quarter inch too wide for the cabinet, so be warned if you don't want lots of components stacked *on top* of the shelf...Only other negative I can think of is only one fast seek mode (2x ?), but that's made up for in most cases by the time seek option. As far as connectivity, the back panel has more hookup options than I could dream up uses for! :)I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars on the overall rating. The drawbacks to this unit are too easily remedied to be issues on such a high end item, yet they still exist. On the other hand, the DV-7010 is so much better than entry level units from the other major brands that it becomes fantastic by comparison. The value rating is a no brainer at $300.Dan 041b061a72


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