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Universal Soldier Malayalam Movie Download NEW!

Right away Van Damme knows what this movie is; not too serious and an easy cash grab. This time Van Damme is helping to oversee a project involving a new batch of universal soldiers run by the government which is now being shut down. One new twist is that there is an intelligent computer system managing some part of the soldier's mental activity. Very reminiscent of Hal from "2001" as right away it seems, you know, overly savvy and smarmy. Mix in a pushy reporter, just like in the original, some explosives, a strip club brawl and loads of hand to hand combat and that's the movie. It borrowed many concepts from Terminator 2. Terrible dialog, even the one-liners were poorly written and there was zero tension, something the first one had along with some genuinely amusing scenes.

Universal Soldier malayalam movie download

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