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Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable: A Review of Its Features and Benefits

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable: A Powerful Tool for Partition Management and Data Recovery

Have you ever encountered a situation where you need to resize, split, hide, format, delete or create partitions on your hard drive? Or have you ever lost important files or partitions due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, power failure or other reasons? Or have you ever wanted to backup your entire disk or partition to an image file or clone it to another disk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a reliable and versatile software that can help you with all these tasks and more. That software is Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable.

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable

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What is Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable?

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable is a small program that was designed for partition management, but also for other tasks. It is a portable version of Eassos PartitionGuru Pro, which means that you don't need to install it on your computer, but just run it from a USB drive or any other removable device. You can use it on any Windows system from XP to 10.

What are the main features of Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable?

Partition management

With Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable, you can easily create, delete, format, resize, split, hide, rename and convert partitions on your hard drive. You can also align partitions for better performance, change partition type and serial number, set active partition and more. You can view various details regarding each partition, such as the file system, ID, start and end cylinders, as well as overall capacity. You can also check and repair bad sectors on your disk.

Data recovery

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable can also help you recover lost data from various scenarios. You can recover deleted files from Recycle Bin or by using Shift + Delete keys. You can also recover formatted or corrupted partitions, lost partitions due to partition table damage or disk repartitioning. You can even recover data from RAID arrays, virtual disks, memory cards and other devices. You can preview files before recovery and filter them by name, size, type and date.

Backup and restore

Another useful feature of Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable is the ability to backup and restore your disk or partition. You can clone your entire disk or partition to an image file or another disk. You can also backup your files by creating incremental or differential backups. You can restore your backups by mounting them as virtual disks or by using the built-in recovery tool. You can also verify the integrity of your backups and compress them to save space.

Disk utilities

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable also offers some other handy disk utilities that can help you with various tasks. You can edit hex data on your disk or partition. You can erase data permanently by using different wiping methods. You can create bootable USB drives or CD/DVD discs. You can also manage virtual disks created by VMware, VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC. You can even create WinPE bootable disks that can run Eassos PartitionGuru without Windows system.

How to use Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Portable?

Download and run the portable version

To use Eassos PartitionGuru Pro 4.3


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