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Bimotion Software Gratis

Anybody know if you can download bimotion online somewhere or get a trial version to play with? They want $129 for the full version, and I'm not sure that I am even smart enough to use it yet. I'd like to have a chance to play around with it before I shell out $129 for it. Anybody have it or know where I could download a trial or old version or something?

bimotion software gratis

Download Zip:

Yeah, I'm going to build a pipe for my QT60. I was hoping to use bimotion to do it. I was going to buy an exhaust from JEMCO, but they supposedly design their exhaust for the QT50, instead of the QT60 modification that I have done.

I just bought the EndMod2T software after thinking about it for about a year... very happy that i finally took the plunge! I already have TSR, Bimotion and a few other smaller programs but EngMod2T is at another level.

So who else uses this software??? Id be interested in sharing files for common components or engines... things like carbs, pipes, etc. Im happy to model whatever i can get my hands on and swap the data files for others if anyones interested.

Ive started to model my modified cylinder as well and so far it shows good gains across the board from 4000 up to 8000, from there is signs off earlier than stock, which is exactly what my bum dyno feels too. Yet to add things like the boyesen rad valve and keihin carb but should get that done in the next couple of days. Then itll be interesting to plot the stock curve against my current setup and see if it reflects what i feel on the bike. Its exciting to be able to model all of this stuff and im very impressed with the accuracy of what the software predicts.

I have this software. If you see all the functions that include, and the excelent customer service given by the author Neels Van Niekerk, the software is cheap. I bought the package in 2009 and it helped me a lot to tune my CR500, YZ250, YZ125 and little scooter Minarelli engines and I have the measurements in EngMod2t for all.

We have also created new and more accurate shortcuts to match other 3D software's navigation styles for orbiting, panning, and zooming. You can still access them in the navigation panel UI under the wheel.

The presets don't deactivate the Twinmotion default navigation, they behave like an extra layer of navigation to match your other 3D software. The UI is updated only when a preset has a conflict with the Twinmotion default navigation.

Developed by Pedro, with more than 20 000 lines of code, all the know-how applied to software comes from us and also a lot from the legendary Portuguese 2-Stroke tuner LUFO Racing, this software is directed for all 2-Stroke: Enthusiasts, Tuners, Mechanics, GP, Drag Racing, MX, Enduro. There is no 2-Stroke displacement limit for our Software, for example you can have a 125, 250, 500, 700 single-cylinder and our modules will work flawlessly. From a 49cc Racing engine, to a GP 125 engine, or a 1500 Mercurial Triple engine, or a 250 Kart engine, RacingSM Software suits all. We believe that using this software will help your 2-Stroke development or racing results on different types of competition. Bellow is our 2-Stroke collection ( for more info of our projects please check @ ):

-There is software outthere that will help you immensely with your calculationson timing, portsize,trajectory,and so on.(not a bad place to start )(Also a guy named Tom Turner, on our user's listat ,made TSR ) There are free and low cost options out there now(BiMotion and comesto mind). Some have limitations but they can start to show you theideas and principles behind port modification and design. Anotheroption is purchasing templates that have proven design, and makingslight tweaks or modifications to them.

-Don't buy into the "CNCMyth" thatyou gotta take your stuff to a shop with a million dollar CNC machineto get your cylinderported. CC Specialty has several CNC machines and relatedequipment, and we still use the tools we sell for anyporting and polishing, and even the detail work we do on toolsand equipment around the shop. We have clients all overthe world that use their multi-million dollar CNC's to do some of themajor cutting, but 100% ofour customers still use our tools to do the detail work (hint: that'swhy they are our customers).We have several customers that do porting work, by hand, that has outperformed cylinders modified by the latest and greatest CNC and CADdesign machines and software.

Hur man använder sig av programen: riseport: gå in i programet nu ska vi räkna ut avgasdurationen på en dt50mx och vi vet att avgasporten är 19mm hög. connecting rod lenght= längden fån centrum på storänden till centrum på lilländen (85mm på dt) stroke= slaglängd (39,7mm på dt) current port duration= 0 desired duration of the port= här är det bara att testa att skriva in olika durationer och trycka på "do what you have to do"tills man får höjden på avgasporten på den högra spalten "rise the port", och i detta fall var avgasdurationen ca 189 grader. exhaust calculator: gå in i programet sen gör ni så här: swept volume= cylinder volym(cc) duration of the exhasut port= avgasdurationen maximum power rpm= vilket varvtal man vill ha maxeffekt på diameter of the exhaust port= diametern på avgasporten lenght of the exhaust port= längden från kolvens kant ut till avgasflänsen header lenght factor= hur lång header man vill ha (högre siffra ju längre header, ju högvarvigare motor desto kortare header och ju lågvarviagre motor desto längre header)... jag brukar använda från 25-30 cm lång header på dom flesta rören. header angle= vinkeln på headern(oftast runt 1,5 grader) midsection factor=vilken dia man ska ha på mittendelen(ju högre siffra desto grövre rör och ju mindre siffra desto tunnare rör) ju högre trimningsgrad desto högre siffra... cone angle=vinkeln på baffeln (sista konan) större vinkel på högre trimningsgrad. med större vinkel på konan så brukar den maximala effekten öka men om man varvar över max effekt så tycks motorn dö lite i effekt. med mindre vinkel så brukar låg/mellan registret öka i effekt medans den tappar något i maximal effekt men den har fortfarande bra effekt över max effekt. MOTA demo: gå in på programet, sen klickar du på "expansion chamber construction" sen klickar du på " printing the development pattern of an cone" sen klickar du på "enter cone values manually" sen är det bara att skriva in diameter 1(mm) angle 1 (degrees): (ta 0 på den om du vill ha ett rakt avgassystem) diameter 2 (mm) angle 2 (degrees): (ta 0 på den om du vill ha ett rakt avgassystem) längden på hela konan(mm) tjockleken på plåten (mm) sen så trycker ni "display the development" och sen "print the development" jag använder mig av bimotion, och här är rintningen på avgassystemet som jag ska bygga:

Sedan måste ni ha ett program som gör att konorna i ovanstående program blir utskrivna på papper, men detta går också att göra med papper och penna men det är betydligt mer tidskrävande... här finns en gratisversion som funkar fint: (MOTA demo) 2. Mallarna för systemet

These all work out really nice, and just sit mid-point between 20 and 30ms which is desirable, and could give a man with a lathe a yardstick to work to, without having to invest in expensive design software. 350c69d7ab


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