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James Brown

Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost A Thing (Official HD Video)

You think the money that you make (that you make)Can substitute the time you take (the time you take)To get the keys into my heartThink you can win my heartDon't know what's in my heart (don't cost a thing)

Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost a Thing (Official HD Video)

"Thought you'd understand, baby credit cards aren't romance," she sings to her materialistic lover, insisting: "Even if you were broke, my love don't cost a thing." And if you weren't convinced, she even re-branded herself as J.Lo - her nickname among fans - to prove she was still one of the people.

This song is quite straight-forward, for a change. What she means is that she doesn't care about his money, all she wants is his love, and love means devotion and dedication: time. He's rich, he says he loves her but he doesn't spend time with her, instead, he buys her presents, but presents and riches don't mean a thing to her, she wants him, not his money. 041b061a72


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