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James Brown
James Brown

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We also work with AutoLISP, which I have been programming since the early 1980s, and for AutoCAD, which I started working on in the early 1990s. My English is fluent and I can also speak French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and I have worked as a software developer for several years, with a background in mechanical design.

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In Brief, let me give you the highlights of my technical background in an excel: * Revit 2016.2 - Architect User License * AutoCAD 2017 - Architect User License * AutoCAD 3D - Architect User License * AutoCAD Map 3D - Architect User License * AutoCAD Map 3D - Architect Premium License * AutoCAD Topo - Architect License * Autodesk Revit Professional 2017 and 2016

Despite what you hear about AutoCAD, its interface has actually changed very little in the last ten years. But that doesn't mean it lacks useful functionality. For instance, drawings are usually a lot larger than you think and if you need to make a small change, you may not actually be able to find it. One of the most useful commands in AutoCAD Architecture is the "Split Move" command, which enables you to divide an object into multiple parts. To move parts, right click the object, select Split Move from the context menu and drag the parts out of the drawing. In this tutorial, you will look at two different ways to split a column into two pieces, one using the context menu and the other using the Move command.

Application of atomic groups is an extremely useful feature in AutoCAD Architecture. The best way to show you how this is achieved is to introduce the concept of atomic groups. "Atomic groups" are a way of grouping objects together to represent and save the state of the entire object. There is no manipulation in the atomic group, it can only be saved.


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