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After losing a friend to suicide, MOTH’s founder, Juliet, realized that she was never formally educated on how to recognize the warning signs of someone who was struggling or how to provide them with support. Her mission is to help prevent people from experiencing loss due to mental illness by educating community members on how to act before it is too late.

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what MOTH

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Juliet Meskers is the founder of MOTH. After losing a close friend to suicide, she realized there was an educational gap in the mental health movement. She decided to team up with world-renowned psychologists to create a series of mental health training courses that could help people learn the warning signs of suicide and improve responses to mental health conversations and crises. In addition to practicing her role as CEO, Juliet is a mental health trainer and a sought-after keynote speaker. She is a strong advocate for systematic change and has written a bill to mandate mental health training and education in the state of California. Juliet is working with a coalition of strong advocates and legislators to get the bill passed.


Dr. Michelle Finneran, PhD

MOTH Board Member

Licensed therapist, public speaker, and author. Specialist in domestic violence and trauma.

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Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD

MOTH Board Member

Known as "America's most trusted celebrity psychologist”. Public speaker, author, and coach.

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Emily Powell

Mental Health Clinician

Works with teens and young adults, specializing in gender and sexuality exploration, relational challenges, and trauma.

The Mental Health Professionals Backing MOTH 


Dr. Mark Goulston, MD

MOTH Board Member

Renowned suicide psychiatrist of 50+ years. Best-selling author and public speaker. Expert in listening skills and



Dr. Cara Sammartino, PhD

MOTH Board Member

Health and Mental Health services investigator. Research expert in mental health service utilization, econometrics, comparative state policy, and more.




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Connor was a special, empathetic person. He was compassionate, generous, and a friend to anyone. He would stop what he's doing to help a stranger and had genuine concern for others. Connor was pensive, inventive and had an entrepreneurial spirit. He loved playing football, listening to music, traveling, eating healthy, working out, taking trips to the Jersey Shore, especially Manasquan, and spending quality time with his family and friends. 

Luke was the type of person who asked "how are you," and genuinely wanted to know how you were doing. Luke had friends in every corner, and knew how to make anyone laugh with his gentle and silly sense of humor. Luke was a great athlete and loved playing Volleyball both competitively and with friends. Luke was adventurous, genuine, and extremely intelligent. He is greatly missed and will always be remembered. 

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