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Show your employees that you care about their mental health

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, MOTH is pioneering a movement towards a more empathetic and supportive workplace. We believe in the power of knowledge and compassion to change lives. That's why we're offering an exclusive 50% discount on all Mental Health Intervention Training sessions booked for or during May. Training is available virtually as well as in-person.

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Did you know...

  • 50% of US employees are leaving their jobs for mental health-related reasons. Numbers rise to 68% amongst millennials and 86% amongst Gen Z

  • For every dollar invested in mental health programs employers can expect a $4 return

  • In a recent study, 65% of employees reported confiding in a co-worker about their mental health. Less than 50% of those surveyed reported receiving a supportive response 

  • Employers spend an average of $15,000 per employee struggling with mental health issues. 1 in 4 employees struggle with mental health.

Transformational Topics

Our 2-hour mental health intervention training covers the following 

  • Empathy Over Stigma: Learn the language of support, not stigma. We'll explore how to talk about mental health in a way that uplifts and empowers, removing barriers and opening hearts.


  • Recognition and Response: Spotting the silent signs. We delve into recognizing both the loud and quiet cries for help, teaching you how to read between the lines of verbal and non-verbal communication.


  • Conversations That Heal: Master the art of meaningful conversation. From the words you choose to the silence you keep, learn how to navigate discussions about mental health with confidence and care.


  • The Power of Peer Support: Become a beacon of support. Discover how to gently guide someone toward the help they need, whether it's professional treatment or immediate crisis intervention.


  • Crisis Navigation: From panic to peace. Gain critical skills in assisting during mental health emergencies, ensuring you're prepared to face challenges with calmness and competence.


  • Building Resilience: Cultivate strength from within. We share self-help techniques and coping strategies to foster resilience, both for yourself and those around you.

How does training add value?

Enhanced Employee Well-being:​

  • Statistics indicate that workplaces with mental health support programs see a reduction in absenteeism by up to 25% (Mind, Workplace Well-being Index).

Self-Help and Coping Mechanism Implementation:

  • Research suggests that employees with access to coping mechanisms report 20% higher productivity levels (American Psychological Association).

Attracts and Retains Talent:

  • 76% of professionals consider mental health resources as a key factor in choosing their next job (LinkedIn).

Positive Public Image and Brand Reputation:

  • Corporate social responsibility, including employee mental health initiatives, can lead to a 40% improvement in consumer trust (Nielsen).

Reduction in Liability Risks:

  • Implementing comprehensive mental health training has been associated with a reduction in workers' compensation claims by up to 33% (National Council for Occupational Safety and Health).

Improved Corporate Morale:

  • Surveys indicate that 85% of employees believe mental health training improves workplace atmosphere (Mental Health Foundation).

Strengthened Workplace Relationships:

  • A study found that teams with mental health awareness are 35% more cohesive (Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

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